Dear Valerie,

I experienced a magic moment, on the stage at the Chippendales Show in Zurich. I pulled as Tarzan's Jane. Kevin touched me with his hands up and down my body.He looked like a savage "Tarzan", I was in heaven. After which he washed himself under the water fall. I was allowed to dress him, affectionately touch him and slide my hands over his body. On the third day of the show I delivered a heart made from roses to him, I hope he enjoyed them. I haven't come down from "seventh heaven" for three days, and am unable to return to real life.

I have the eighteen-month show calender in which Kevin looks as fantastic as ever. He is my STAR. All the Chippendale boys are sweet, but for me there is only one - KEVIN - with his long blond hair. He is my 'Tarzan Dream'.

I speak only very little English, which I write to you, by Alta Vista am translated, therefore excuse the errors.
My greatest desire would be to have my memories as photos or on video from the moment, when I stood with Kevin on the stage. It was not possible unfortunately. I searched the whole of the InterNet for Kevin Cornell, for any clips from World Tour - they are absolute knock out. And the Boy group that accompanies the show, TWoneTY - fit simply perfectly with the Chippendales show. When they sing, and the Chippendales undress, the women are so confused that they do not know, where to look, at the Boys or the Chippendales.

The music, the scenes, everything was perfect. I already reserved tickets for April. I am pleased. And it makes me happy that more women are willing to write openly about them, and to share their desires and dreams.

Nice to meet you, Valerie
By Jana


This picture of Kevin Cornell and his lovely "Jane" who's real name is Jana, was taken at the Chippendales show in Slovakia. They shared photos, kisses and warm embraces.

Jana writes: "I was very pleased when Kevin, with his beautiful smile, welcomed me and said "Hi, my big fan." He didn't forget me, and I am happy to have his autograph" She goes on to say that she admires his professionalism and of course, his body. And Jana is absolutely right when she says "Every evening he performs the same show again and again and always gives each woman the feeling that she is someone special".

Jana and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the Chippendale fans on the Beefcake boy's site, and especially Kevin, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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