"A Night To Remember"

Champaign, Roses, Kisses, Cuddles & Complements were in abundance that night.
The Chippendales were in town.

I bought a ticket to see their show at the Hawth Theatre. These passionate and delicious men provided plenty of action both on and off the stage. This was the very first time I've seen them - they took by breath away. All the "new" ladies in the audience were referred to as "Chippendale Virgins" and we had no idea what rapture lay in store for us. Their sizzling sensuality kept us on the edge of our seats.

As the evening drew to a close I found myself captivated by these virile, beautiful men. So much so that I didn't realize exactly what was happening around me as women everywhere rushed passed me to the nearest exit in a state of excitement.

Fear gripped me when I realized that the exit they were rushing to was, in fact, a Fire Exit. The theatre was packed. It seemed an impossible task to rush out unharmed. Yet, something was odd - there wasn't any smoke, there were no fire alarms, and the women looked more elated than frightened. I concluded there was no fire to be frightened of. I made my way to the Fire Exit intent on discovering what all this excitement was about.

There, in front of the fire doors stood a six foot two barrel of dynamite named Michael. With his suave manners and seductive charm he generated his own unique flame. This hard bodied Chippendale had women melting all over him like honey on a hot rock. He turned his eyes on me and smiled-alas, I melted too. It was a night to remember.

By Valerie Brenchley


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