A Magic Moment with Lee

On Wednesday, I went to the Fairfield Concert Hall, in Croydon to see a show performed by "The Chippendales". These men are quite simply the most exsquisite hunks of masculinity I have ever seen. But there was one man in particular who immediately caught my attention.

I was sitting in my seat when a golden haired Chippendale left the stage and approached me. Lee walked towards me with that sexy walk of his - such seductive movements. It was clear to me that he was a man who was experienced in the art of seducing women. He smiled at me with that captivating smile of his, our eyes locked, and then he touched me. All at once I was in his arms. All at once I was captured within his masculine embrace - I savoured the moment.

With his charming ways, Lee escorted me onto the stage. As the music began we danced together. (needless to say I was an eager partner). While moving around the stage he asked me if I enjoyed dancing. I said yes (but secretly I told myself that what I really enjoyed was the tantalizing closeness of him). He was all mine for a few precious moments. Much too soon the dance was over and he escorted me back to my seat. I was reluctant to leave his capable hands.

For that short time I experienced a glimpse of Chippendale bliss. I was lucky. Maybe one day, you too will enjoy a growing passion for the Magnificent Men of the Chippendales.

By Valerie Brenchley


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