Picture Gallery 1

Chippendale and other huge, handsome, hard hunks to be seen.
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Jon Bentley
and Trevor Weeks

Jonathon Bentley
Jon Bentley

Jon Bentley

Jon Bentley
Jon Bentley
(sorry girls he's taken)
Kevin Cornell
Book Cover Model

Kevin Cornell
Keeps fit six days a week
Kevin Cornell
2001 Calender Cover Model

Kevin Cornell 6ft 2"
Raised St Lewis Missouri.
200 lbs of rock hard mussle.

Kevin Cornell

Shawn Pro
Pisces, Born Feb 20th
He's a Romantic
(sorry girls he's married)

T.J. Hoban

T.J. Hoban

Kyle Benner

Robert Lopez

Robert Lopez

Valerie and the Chippendales
on the British Tour.

Lee Garoutte
Born California, Oct 4th

Golden haired Lee
Sensuous Libra

Chippendale Shawn

Michael Goodrich

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