"Double-crossing Scoundrel"

My best friends partner had abruptly walked out of her life. Heated arguments and deception tore them apart. This low mean scoundrel left her in the pit of despair. Feeling rejected and distraught she came to me in tears. She's a lovely lady with a lonely heart whose partner had betrayed her. She didn't deserve to be rejected. I had to help her overcome this oppression which stopped her from enjoying life.

In an effort to cheer her up I purchased two tickets to a theatre to see "The Chippendales" live and in action. She knew nothing about "The Chippendales" and cared little to learn. In fact, when we arrived at the theatre she was far more interested in pursing the bar then seeing the show. After a bitter break up with her partner she was convenienced that all men were trouble and she had no intentions of letting another man get close to her. She waited until the very last minute to claim her seat.

The curtains opened, the mood was set, the show began. It was spectacular entertainment filled with real, warm, hunky men. Men who know how to excite and entice. These alluring hot-blooded Chippendales weaved a seductive spell over their audience. I felt enthralled, but the best part was yet to come. The delicious, delectable part. The part where you get to kiss and to taste the Most Wanted men this side of the ocean. We had to queue for that kiss. A kiss which demanded to be remembered. A photographer was there to save this tender passion on film.

My friend could not believe that a man as captivating as a Chippendale would pay attention to the likes of her. Bitterly rejected by her partner, she felt unattractive and worthless, so she waited until the very last minute to claim her place in the queue .She waited too long. She was turned away. The photographer informed her that the theatre was closing and she was directed off the stage.

There would be no photograph for her. No kiss, no cuddle, just more rejection. This was the last straw. Slowly the floodgates opened, down came the tears. The Chippendale noticed her tears and his compassionate nature would not allow her to cry for long. He didn't waste a minute instructing the photographer to come back and photograph them together.

She needed comforting and he gave that to her. He embraced her, and then he kissed her. He kissed her face, her eyes. He kissed her tears away. He whispered something in her ear and she smiled. For the first time in a long time I saw her smile. She laughed, she was having fun and he made that happen

I was grateful to Jason - he brought a ray of newfound pleasure into her life. This handsome Chippendale had taught her that all men are not double-crossing scoundrels after all.

By Valerie Brenchley


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